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Friday, August 31, 2007

Sports Stuff and Vegetarian Substitution

So one place I haven't told you about yet is The Corner Pug.

Located unfortunately not close enough to walk to, The Pug was the first place I ever nursed a hangover in here in H'ford, way back during my first visit to this lovely city. The Pug, once known as the Corner Pub, was reincarnated in its present form by an new owner who loved his pet pug dog. The concept really caught on and the interior is festooned with framed photos, brought in by proud owners, of pugs.

The Pug has some really excellent things going for it, besides the large screen TVs. OK, lemme digress for a moment. Bars here in H'ford always have half the tubes tuned to the Yankees, and the other half tuned to the Red Sox. Much like H'ford itself, the city is halfway between loyalty. Mets, Mets who?

Anyway, the only thing the Pug is marred by is the frightful lack of delicious turkey burger, but is made up for the always cheerful staff happily substituting whatever you want for your meat, if they have it. Yesterday, I was sitting next to a hipster who substituted portabello mushrooms for beef on his french dip sandwich. I am not kidding. Needless to say, I'm always happy with a plae that doesn't look at me like an escaped mental patient just because I want my bacon held, dammit. (Stop looking at me like that.)

What they also have, every Wednesday, is this thing called the giant fried seafood basket, and I tell you I am drooling right now just thinking about it. It's big enough to split, and contains (all fried) fries, clams, oysters, cod, shrimp and these fishy hushpuppy things. Oh GOD its good.

Wednesday in H'ford is generally pretty cool, I've noticed. Most bars and restaurants have massive deals on Wednesday. At the half door, all Irish beer is 2 bucks all day Wednesday.

Gin O Meter: 4

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The same thieving bastard who is stealing my paper is probably responsible....but the Moose Lamp is GONE. Just...gone. So is the chair by its table and the table. Damn.

UPDATE to the update:
I have left the nicest note possible down in the lobby. It reads: Please do not take my New York Times. If you want your own NYT, go to http://www.nytimes.com/

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Lost Phone & The Coolest Bartender

Let me preface my post by saying OH GOD YES I FOUND TWO PLACES THAT SERVE TURKEY BURGERS!!!!

I was starting to think that they just didn't exist in Hartford. Veggie burgers, yet, but not until this weekend had I found any place, including Plan B, a gourmet burger joint. http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/14283/?view=beerfly&ba=goodbyeohio
Gin and Tonic Mixology level ( on a scale of 1: "Why are you serving me water I asked for Gin" to 5:" Where am I do I live here this drink is great I love you guys"): 2

So imagine my joy when I discovered a turkey burger on the menu at Tisane, http://www.ctnow.com/dining/hce-tisanebrunch.artnov25,0,6806774.story?coll=hce-headlines-dining-top
a coffee house/bar that seems to be striving to look like it belongs in Manhattan. Not that I disliked that, but man talk about as Cool as Hartford! I was a bit overwhelmed by their extensive martini menu, and have to admit getting one too many kicks out of Peter ordering an unfortunately somewhat Pastel-hued green tea martini (men's drinks should only be clear or brown, seriously), but LOVED LOVED my Pom Pom (pomegranite) 'tini. I haven't tried said burger yet, but I will.
Gin and Tonic Mixology Level: 3

So I'll take a break to tell y'all about the cell phone. It was lying on the front stoop, and finding a cell phone is a little like finding a baby bird, you are all like, "Should I touch it?" But I can't just leave stuff like that, so I picked it up then called the last number places which, of course, I got no answer. I figured the owner would call the phone, just like I would do (and have done, eyeroll at me).

So next we review Wood N' Tap, http://www.woodntap.com/ which astonishingly has its own website (yay!) and they had turkey burgers too! And not only turkey burgers but tiny little ones like sliders!!!! I liked the place well enough, though it feels a little chain-like and the bartender ignored us a bit b/c his friends were seated at the bar, but I'll go back if only to get those delicious little burgers and their surprisingly above-average fries.
Gin and Tonic Mixology Level: 2

Which brings us to my second favorite place in the 'hood (after my beloved Half-Door), Vegas BLVD Pizza. Which I couldn't find a decent or informative link to, but I love this place. The staff is awesome and personable, they play The Chairman of The Board music unless someone turns the jukebox on (not as annoying as it sounds), and the owner cooks in the back then comes up to mingle in the front. And they already know what drink I like to order. And they serve beer by the liter. Peter and I already have the number one score on the Quiz Master (take that Tony1000!)
Gin and Tonic Mixology Level: 5

So I am happy to report that the phone made it back to its rightful owner. Later last night, a very relieved tenant on the first floor called and was reunited with her errant phone. She hugged us. It was cool.

So that's it until next time, where I attempt to solve the mystery of who the fuck in my building is stealing my goddammed paper. I will find you asshole, and it WILL NOT be pretty.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Coolest Lobby of All Times

My apartment has the best lobby ever. Now, I realize no one hangs out in lobbies anymore, but I picture myself, G&T in hand, chilling out under the most awesome painting ever.

Witness my lobby:


I have my beloved Room God (the cow skull), but it kicks all manner of ass to have a Building God. Yay my building!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

From Huck Finn to the Half Door

Hartford is one of those places people drive through on the way to somewhere else. Specifically, between New York and Boston. I have experience living in a place like this, I grew up in a town on the confluence of Interstates 57 & 64, as well as literally dozens of smaller highways and biways. My hometown had more hotel rooms than residents. It also shares another trait I personally find endearing, and that is a general unassumedness (word?) of the populace.

So, my goal and mission is to point out how cool I think this little city is, so you will think it is cool as well. Since I'm brand new to town, you will be learning along with me.

First, a little about my immediate neighborhood, which we will likely be spending a lot of time in. I'm in an ancient elevator building (the scariest elevator you will likely ever meet) in the Historic West End, or more specifically on the end of the Historic West End. I'm right next door to the Harriet Beecher Stowe house and two doors down from Hartford's Number one Tourist Attraction, The Mark Twain House. Just up the road a bit is Hartford's best pub (the readers have voted), The Half Door. I spend a disproportionate amount of time there and have already met all manner of the wonderful and weird local denizens.

So let's do this thing!