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Thursday, January 10, 2008

No More BINGO, Bitches!

Oh, my knickers!


Thanks my astute and mysterious "anonymous" for this. Damn, I am a lawyer and am deeply ashamed that I had NO CLUE as to this. Ashamed.

The law says, "No bingo game or series of bingo games shall be promoted, operated or played unless the same is sponsored and conducted exclusively by a charitable, civic, educational, fraternal, veterans' or religious organization, volunteer fire department or grange."

The Cool Moose had hosted bingo for years with no problems, Skehan said, so the Half Door staff decided to reintroduce the game.


What kind of craziness is this? I mean, Jesus, it's BINGO and we're not playing for money.

But the Courant, which I make fun of far more than they deserve, had this editorial:


Isn't it absurd, though, to bar an activity that has caused no trouble and serves to unite strangers in laughter? Surely this isn't the sort of prohibition legislators had in mind when they enacted this silly law.

I completely agree. This is an absurd over-reaction and a use of an antiquated law. OMG! THEY'RE PLAYING BINGO! WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!


So I'm adding a new label as of tonight, "Injustice."

List of contacts for those who want this law to change:

Department of Special Revenue:

Governor Jodi Rell:


Monday, January 7, 2008

It's Bingo, Bitches!

My winning card!

LOL, I'm famous, sort of.


Instead, it's the carefree atmosphere that keeps the clientele coming back for more. Regulars know the bartenders by first name and laugh at the bingo-caller's bad jokes. Groups of friends huddle over the numbered slips of paper in booths with worn, wooden tabletops. And when somebody yells "Bingo!" the ones who haven't won toss their cards in the air in a flurry of good-hearted catcalls and "boos."

"It's just our twist on it," said bingo caller and DJ Tony Carreras. "It's not as high-stakes, and it's a lot more fun."

I am actually in this article, but I am unnamed! Dammit!

And yes, this is how I spend my Thursday nights......

(sorry about the weirdness of not being able to link directly to the Courant. Blog is doing some weirdness...)